GAS ARM Reference - PDF
Updated: Sept. 16, 2001
[ v1.0 - DOWNLOAD ]

ARM Reference - PDF
Updated: Feb. 25, 2001
[ v0.8 - DOWNLOAD ]

Thumb Reference - PDF
Updated: Sept. 12, 2001
[ v2 Beta - DOWNLOAD ]
Updated: Feb. 24, 2001
[ v0.9 - DOWNLOAD ]

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October 5, 2001
Hello. Game Shark Day.

Here's some fun stuff I've determined about the GBA Game Shark so far. Be aware, I do make mistakes sometimes. :).

- She seems to contain a 256k flash rom.
- The actual Game Shark Program is just over 85k.
- Codes for some reason start at 132k mark (vs. the 128k), giving you a maximum storage of 124k of codes.
- Requires a cart in to boot. :)
- USB, in case you didn't know. Also has a switch and a button on it.
- Switch seems to disable codes (and crashes some games when you turn it off).
- Button, I'm investigating... Seems to activates and de-activate some codes.
- How do you decode a Gameshark Code? Good question.

As I figure out more stuff, I'll put it up.

September 16, 2001
Good morning.

Out of the blue, comes a brand new reference, this time for GAS with ARM.

This reference contains only information relevant to doing ARM/THUMB Assembly with GAS (the GNU ASsembler). It contains a listing of all the known relevant (to ARM-Thumb-Elf Targets) Assembler Directivs. If you notice something that's wrong, please do mail me.

Next major revision, I'm planning on including a reference for inline assembly in that big empty space.

Get it here.

September 12, 2001
Just like the rest of the world, I'm in shock regarding the events in New York/Washington. My condolence's to the people, friends and families of those involved.

I've been tied up with my own family matters that kept me from working more on the revised sheets. For the time being, I have made available a beta version of the new Thumb Reference. I still need to add information about the encoding of the branch link/link exchange instructions, Symbols reference, and if there's enough room then info for ARM with the GNU Assembler (but after more thought, I should do a full seperate reference for that). As always, this is designed for maximum quality color printing. High quality black and white is acceptable too, just its difficult to make sense of the color coding.

Get it here.